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Employers seeking interns for a semester or multiple semesters may request to have a posting on our Internship website. Click here to see the current postings page. The internship coordinator, will review your posting to be sure we have all required information and we will either inform you of missing information or that your position has been posted. If you have any questions feel free to contact the internship assistant at mgtinternships@txstate.edu.

Please see the Employer Guidelines, for information regarding the internship program. If you would like to view a sample of a posting you can use this one. You are also encouraged to post your internship opportunity on Jobs4Cats through the Texas State Career Services office.

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Information Required for Posting

In order to evaluate and potentially post/promote your internship opportunity to students we ask that you provide a detailed job description which contains the following items:

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  • Title of Internship Position
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  • Compensation (does not have to be paid in order to be approved)
  • Application Instructions (email, web form, etc)
  • Any additional contact information which might be useful for the intern applicant
Internships for McCoy College of Business Management majors require a minimum of 200 documented work hours AND a minimum duration of 10 weeks if the internship is performed in either the Fall or Spring semesters; or a minimum of 160 documented work hours AND a minimum duration of 8 weeks if performed in the Summer. By checking the box below you are confirming that this internship opportunity will meet these minimum requirements: *